Tack Room BBQ provides turn key BBQ Parties at your home or office.

It all started for Chef Ron at a ranch as a private chef, and now Tack Room BBQ is happy to offer personal chef services (weekly meal plans) and BBQ Parties to select clients.

  • Tents for cooking and serving
  • Charcoal and/or Propane BBQs and Grills
  • Grilled or Slow Cooked BBQ
  • All sides (Salads, Starches, and more)
  • All Deserts (tartlets, fruit salads and more)
  • Cutlery, Dishes and Glassware
  • Paper Serviettes, Wetnaps
  • Serving dishes and flatware.
  • ask.... We will do what it takes to make it easy for you to delight your guests

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Tack Room BBQ specializes in authentic comfort foods.

It all starts with a love of cooking, and a desire to provide amazing service. At Tack Room BBQ everything is cooked from scratch using fresh ingredients, in-house sauces, and hand ground and blended spice blends and rubs.