The health and safety of you and your guest is critically important. While it is not required for private chefs that cook at your premises to be certified, at Tack Room BBQ we think that Safe Food and Materials Handling following HACCP principles need to be kept in focus especially when cooking in your kitchen.

Advanced Food Handling Certification for Managers

This certification ensures that food business owners are aware of health related issues in food preparation. This certification assures you that the business is aware of not just basic food preparation, but also Laws, Regulation and Inspections, identify risks, undestands hygiene, cleaning and sanitation processes as well as the entire food chain from purchasing, receiving, storage as well as preparation and serving safe food.

We may ask to inspect your facilities to ensure we can deliver safe food to you, your family and party guests.

Quality Food = Safe Food


Tack Room BBQ specializes in authentic comfort foods.

It all starts with a love of cooking, and a desire to provide amazing service. At Tack Room BBQ everything is cooked from scratch using fresh ingredients, in-house sauces, and hand ground and blended spice blends and rubs.